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macaroni [mak-uh-roh-nee]
1. small, tubular pasta prepared from wheat flour.
2. an English dandy of the 18th century who affected Continental mannerisms, clothes, etc.

by Susan Andrews, inn keeper


     2 cups elbow macaroni
     2 cups milk
     2 cups shredded cheese
     4 oz cream cheese
     1 cup velveeta like cheese
     7 strips of bacon cooked & chopped
     chopped pickled jalapeños to taste
     salt & pepper to taste

Cook macaroni per package instructions, drain & set aside.

To a medium saucepan add milk, shredded cheese, cream cheese & velveeta. Melt together over med-low heat stirring often to prevent scalding.

Once cheese is melted pour over cooked macaroni. It will be very soupy but do not worry, the pasta will soak up all that moisture in no time.

Chop pickled jalapeños & bacon.
Stir into mac & cheese.
Now taste & season with salt & pepper.
Or add more jalapeños if desired.

To increase or decrease the recipe just start w/ equal parts pasta & milk. For example, if you are only cooking one cup of macaroni then start w/ one cup of milk and adjust the ingredients accordingly. Same rule applies to increasing….3 cups macaroni, 3 cups milk! It works every time & there is no baking involved!

It’s so quick & easy, creamy & delish! I have made this recipe numerous times. Sometimes I omit the jalapeños & bacon and just make it plain. You can really add whatever you want. Have fun with it!