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cabbage [kab-ij]
any of several cultivated varieties of a plant, Brassica oleracea capitata, of the mustard family, having a short stem and leaves formed into a compact, edible head.

by Susan Andrews

Asian Inspired Low Carb Cabbage

This is such a great basic recipe starter. You could add chicken to this & make it a meal. Add broth and meat to make it soup. Serve with pork. Chill it and add shirataki noodles and make it a salad. Add meat and make it a salad entree'. There are so many yummy & easy options!

     2 Tbsp butter, I used salted
     1 Tbsp avocado oil or other
     1 tsp sesame oil, optional
     1/4 C cashews, lightly salted
     1 tsp ground ginger
     1/2 tsp ground cumin
     1/2 tsp ground turmeric
     1 tsp Sambal Oelek, adds spiciness, optional
     1/2 package slaw mix
     1 C broccoli slaw
     1 tsp lime juice
     1 tsp fish sauce
     1 tsp rice vinegar
     Sprinkle of "Everything Bagel" seasoning
     Sprinkle of "The Bamboo Chef" Spice it Up seasoning, optional
     Salt & pepper to taste
     1/4 C green onion, chopped

Heat skillet over medium heat. Add butter, oils, ginger, cumin, turmeric, cashews, & sambal Oelek. Saute for a few few minutes to let the flavors bloom.
Add your slaw mix and broccoli slaw. Saute until soft-crisp. This should only take a few minutes. If you like it very soft then saute longer.
Add in your lime, fish sauce and rice vinegar. Stir.
Season with Everything bagel seasoning, Spice it Up, salt & pepper. Stir
Add green onions.
Taste it and adjust it to your taste.

So simple and pleasing to the palate. Serve with chicken or your meat of choice. Chill it and make it a cold salad. I encourage you to experiment and make it your own.

Add ins:
Baby corn, water chestnuts, chicken thighs, breasts or rotisserie chicken. Celery, broth, shirataki noodles, shrimp or pork, ground beef, onion, red or green pepper, mushrooms...

Notes: You can get Sambal Oelek, rice vinegar, Spice it up seasoning, sesame oil and fish sauce in the asian aisle at most WalMarts. Everything Bagel seasoning is found in the spice aisle. I like a variety of salts. Seasoning salt, Pink salt, regular, Truffle salt, smoked salt... it adds so much flavor!